Connect with Grace Church

Grace Church highlights four essential ministries…worship, children’s ministry, youth ministry and small group ministries.  You are invited to call the church (724-458-8660) for more information about any of our ministries.   Located in Grove City,  Pennsylvania, Grace Church is all about connecting.  We want to connect with our congregation, our neighbors, and our community. We have multiple teams and small groups if you are interested in connecting!  Here are a few ways that we are connected and places where you are welcome to get connected.

Staff Parish Relations Committee

This committee serves a key role in establishing the focus of the pastor, staff and congregation’s ministry.  By advocating for the pastor and staff and helping to interpret their roles and ministries, SPRC supports and nutures the whole congregation.


Trustees supervise and maintain all property belonging to the congregation so that the ministries of the congregation can be effective.  Trustees work closely with the church council.

 Committee on Nominations

The heart of local church ministry is in its lay leadership, identifying, developing, deploying, and evaluating Christian spiritual leaders who serve from their strengths and gifts is a key to the life and vitality of the congregation.


The goal of the ministry of finance is to fund ministries that nuture persons in their faith.  The finance system in the congregation will raise, manage, and disperse the funds of the congregation that help realize the mission and vision of the church.

 Evangelism Ministries Team

Evangelism is vital to the disciple-making process because it is a primary ministry of sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ.  Evangelism is more than just one individual talking about faith; it is a ministry of the whole church that develops a church “lifestyle” of welcome, invitation, and support.

Grace activities of this team include:  Welcome Packets, Community Thanksgiving Dinner on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Gift Bags to the Nursing Homes and Shut-ins

 Outreach Ministries Team

The role of this ministry area is to develop a continuous, year-round program of mission education.  Leadership of this ministry area identifies the needs of the community, country, and world and engages the congregation in mission opportunities that seek to address these needs.

Grace activities of this Team include:  Funding for many mission projects including the Food Pantry Potato Project, the Smile Train, Feed My Children, Grove City School District Backpack Program

 Education Ministries Team

Christian education and formation is a critical building block for growth as healthy, mature Christians.  The team plays a vital role in the faith development of all members, of all ages.

Grace activities include the events planned by the Children’s Ministry Leader, Graduation Sunday, Rally Day for Sunday School

 College Ministries Team

This ministry area is responsible for interpreting and recommending to the church council for implementing the church’s mission in campus ministry.  The team connects to Grove City College students in various ministries throughout the college year and provides an open door policy to all denominations.

Grace activities include After Church Meals, Open Door Hours for Finals Study, Welcome Bags

Family Ministries Team

The family is the primary center of faith formation, especially for children.  This team works with other leaders in the congregation to plan and implement ministry and address the needs of the families in the church and community.  The events and activities planned throughout the year allow families to grow in the Christian faith.

Grace activities include:  Community Easter Egg Hunt, Grace Softball Team, Pirate Baseball Trip

 Visitation Team

When we care for another person, we strive to remain aware that we are caring for a sacred creation of God.  The Visitation Team works together to make sure the needs of the congregation are known and met.  They make personal visits and/or phone contact with those who are homebound, hospitalized, in a convalescent center, or recuperating at home.  The team meets once a month at a restaurant for lunch to support each other, offer prayers and coordinate with the Pastor of Visitation.

Small Group Ministries

All small groups are places of faith formation and disciple making.  Small groups of every kind are uniquely able to welcome and nurture people in the church and in the faith.  Grace Church offers small “ING” groups as a unique way of guiding people of all ages to shape a common interest and show the love of God.  The “ING” groups formed at this time are

Knit –  ing                       Mondays                      10:30-Noon                       Nursery @ Grace Church

Disk Golf  –  ing           Mondays                      6:30 p.m.                           Grove City Memorial Park

Volunteer  –  ing         Named:  “Grace Goes Out”              Do you have extra time to help with small projects that have become difficult or impossible for some of our Grace Church members to do?

If so, contact Doug Buchanan at 724-992-4665.

More “ing” groups will be added beginning this fall such as Tai Chi  –  ing and Volleyball  –  ing!  Watch for details or call the church office at 724-458-8660.